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Power Development Department (PDD) is one of the Department of Jammu & Kashmir State Government responsible for all functions related to transmission and distribution of electric power in the state. The generation sector is looked after by J&K State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC), which was carved out of PDD in the year 1995.

 Jammu and Kashmir State comprises of three geographically and climatically distinct regions viz; Arctic cold desert areas of Ladakh, temperate Kashmir Valley and subtropical region of Jammu.

Various wings of PDD are looking after T&D related activities in these regions as described below:

1. Elect. Maintenance and Rural Electrification Wing Kashmir
Distribution System in Kashmir and Ladakh Regions.
2. Elect. Maintenance and Rural Electrification Wing Jammu
Distribution System in Jammu Region.
3. System & Operation Wing, Kashmir
Transmission System in Kashmir Region.
4. System & Operation Wing, Jammu
Transmission System in Jammu Region.
5. Planning and Design Wing Project Engineering, Standardization and procurement of material above 66kV
6. Procurement and Material Management Wing
Procurement of material upto 66kV
7. Commercial and Survey Wing
Power purchases, SLDC, communication and testing.
8. TTIC Wing
Inspection and Training

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